Hello, I'm Juan Pablo

I’m not your average photographer.

I help people enjoy and remember the moment with images.
I have spent many years taking photos of everything, landscapes, people, moments, trips, etc. Everything changed when I realized that wedding photography could be amazing and real, instead of a forced or posed session.
For me photography is a way of reliving the past, a way of feeling again, of expressing and telling stories; I believe in light as the main element to bring textures, colors and emotions to life.

{Ok, below is the super serious part where I speak about myself in the third person with the intention of coming across a little more professional}

Juan Pablo Velasco is an Fearless Photographer member with some gold bars.

He is an Ecuadorian based Photographer, specializing in wedding and Fine Art photography. Influenced by his former life as an engineer and an artist, Juan Pablo’s wedding images reflect the commitment to his art practice, refining techniques and constantly developing & refining his practice.

Since going with his wedding business in 2009, Juan Pablo has managed to run a highly successful wedding business – He is a highly sought after keynote speaker being regularly commissioned for weddings, speaking engagements and judging commitments in his country.